How many ways did Humboldt get raped today?

March 14, 2017
By Linda Cassara

A seven page County Agenda took a record ten minutes. Debate is not on their Agenda. There were 18 items on the Consent Calendar, motioned, seconded and voted on by all five in the affirmative. One must ask; what about the items that need 4/5 vote to pass? How do they know by voting on 18 items in one fell swoop that four of the five will cast a yes vote? Could it be convene, collude and concur?

Example of one of the thrusts:

Agenda Item No. C-14
By:                        Thomas K. Mattson, Public Works Director
FY 2016-2017 (4/5 Vote Required)

Between the time the budget was adopted and now, there has been a shortfall for replacement Sheriff patrol vehicles.   [This simply isn’t fact. New toys have been added since a few months after the MZ theft went into effect (4-1-15). They’re parked all around the vicinity of the Sheriff’s Dept., as well as the mental health/planning dept., parking lot. I have pictures.]

Motor Pool has no AWD patrol vehicles left in storage and Motor Pool needs to pull five currently used due to high mileage. Bids have been received. The cost of the five replacement vehicles is $178,750. An additional funding request is needed to purchase these vehicles.

The cost [?] will be offset from the sale of the surplus vehicles in the amount of $99,600. The balance of the Motor Pool Fund as of January 31, 2017 was $3.5 million. The recommended minimum balance is $2 million. There are sufficient funds available to purchase the five (5) replacement vehicles. This action will reduce the fund balance by $33,000.

None in storage
Pull 5 in use                          Replacement cost of the 5 in use is $178,750
The surplus sale                                                                           99,600
Motor Pool Fund balance                                                           3,500,000
Debit the Motor Pool Fund                                                              33,000

The item will advance the Board’s core role, to provide community-appropriate levels of service.

. . . and ‘job description’ fades into black, then returns as “Core Role.” This is akin to during the ‘Abatement Hearings,’ when The County, @ $87,450 each, melds into judge, jury, and executioner “roles.”   $18 to $20 some thousand gets sucked from the people’s public treasury and credited to the Commie Counsel (of 18) Revenue account. <<bookkeeping at its best!

BTW, another 704 acres “in the Benbow area” bit the dust.

My once a week 3 minute Public fix for March 14, 2017:

Your Agenda should be titled “Manufactured Chaos.”

Due process does not include Implied Conditions, Presumed Intent, or Incomplete Contracting. Due process is not willful failure of the real parties of interest to be present at their own trial(s). Due process does not cause psychic damage because of a Double Cross.

Prohibition for profit is reprehensible.

There is no justification for damage operations, yet some of the million-a-month theft of Measure Z, unlawfully including the 7 incorporated cities, has been tagged for the Sheriff’s Dept. for implementing Your COMMERCIAL ORDINANCE.

Is there a record number of times I have to say something before you get the message?

[I held up (and left a copy for Mike Wilson), the same newspaper clipping that I’ve read into the public record several times –and left copies throughout the past six years.] Cities and Counties Cannot Enforce Ordinances on Private Property. The basic tenants of economics are willing buyer and willing sellers. The price is based on the relative values assigned by each, not by the cost of the labor. GubberNut isn’t even a part of the equation.

Humboldt County Supervisors’ top three duties on their job description list is: repair and maintain roads, protect the forests, and protect the rivers. You have failed at all three.


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