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There is a growing awareness and indignation about the injustice and inequality running rampant in our world, and growing interest in creating the better world that we all know can exist. One of the key changes that needs to happen to enable the transformation of our humanity is to reclaim our personal power to think for ourselves, to discern truth from disinformation, and to stand firm for what we know is right.

The Source that created us endowed us with free-will and the power to create with our thoughts, words, and deeds. Yet many of us are squandering these endowments, squandering them so badly that the probable future of humanity is not looking very bright. Humanity is at a critical junction in its history — one road leads to a very bleak future, and the other has the potential to be a new golden age. The outcome depends on us, each one of us, starting right now and it starts by freeing your mind! The key to reclaiming our freedom and creating a better world is for each of us to reclaim our sovereignty.

What is Sovereignty?

The word “Sovereign” refers to the power or right that a nation/state or individual has to determine its own destiny — to not be controlled by others. The ability to determine one’s own destiny has been termed SELF-DETERMINATION and it is one aspect of the timeless ideal called FREEDOM. Self-determination and freedom are said to be intrinsic rights bestowed on us by Source/God. The American founding fathers firmly thought so and called these “inalienable” rights. Personal sovereignty refers to the intrinsic right of an INDIVIDUAL to self-determination.

But having the right of sovereignty is not the same as BEING sovereign. One must assert a right through one’s thoughts and actions, or the right is essentially lost. Ultimately your sovereignty has to be demonstrated. The classic saying “Freedom is not free” echoes this idea — rights must be claimed by the constant application of attention, thought, and engagement.

An important part of being truly free is the responsibility to be highly discerning about the ideas, beliefs, and attitudes that we choose to accept from society. In fact, we must be independent minded and confident enough to form our own ideas, beliefs, and attitudes — despite the pressure that society puts on us to conform. We must not just blindly accept everything our government, religions, teachers, and so-called “experts” want us to believe. Doing so gives away our power and allows the “powers that be” to create a world that serves their agenda — a world that might not be in our best interest.


Why Personal Sovereignty is Important

If we don’t start forming our own beliefs, trusting our inner knowledge, and standing for what we know in our hearts is right, the future of our world will be defined and created by a very few with a very self-serving agenda. In this world that worships the almighty dollar commercial interests are steering the ship. We have allowed them to hijack our government, our religions, our media, and our beliefs and attitudes — materialism, consumerism, separatism, and fear serve their interests.

Giving Away Our Power

But the “powers that be” only steer the ship because we’ve bought into all the beliefs and attitudes and have let ourselves become apathetic and disengaged. So let’s not point fingers and blame those that we perceive are manipulating us. Realize the we are ALLOWING ourselves to be manipulated, allowing ourselves to be taken to a future not of our design. We are fully responsible for everything about our lives including what we let happen to us, and we are letting a lot happen to us. Don’t fall into the “victim mentality” trap and get caught up in the blame and complain game — that only gives away your power.


Far too many of us are just are letting our beliefs and values be determined by others. Far too many of us are just going along with what we are told, following what our government, church, teachers, or idols have told us to believe, or do, or be, explicitly or implicitly.

Far too many of us are deferring to the opinions and ideas of the “AUTHORITIES”. This gives away our power and allows others to control us. And often times the “authorities”, or those that control/influence them, have hidden agendas that are not in our best interest.

Mass beliefs in the power of outside authorities are firmly entrenched in your psyche … raising many questions about the truth of who you are and why you place your trust outside yourself.

To reclaim our power we need to start forming OUR OWN beliefs, trust our inner truth, and do what WE KNOW is right, not what others tell us, or society expects. We need to engage our hearts and minds and stand firm in what we know is true and right. If we don’t do this soon, we might find ourselves living in a dystopian future like the ones explored in numerous fiction novels.

The Erosion of Freedom in The Age of Distraction, Obsession, and Fear

In this era dominated by consumerism, materialism, and the pursuit of the almighty dollar many of us are so busy and distracted by chasing the money, and the possessions, and the thrills that we are failing to see that we are gradually giving away more and more of our power and freedom. This slow erosion is going on all around us, subtly and not so subtly, on many levels.

 Our obsession with the accumulation of possessions — materialism and consumerism — keeps us distracted from what really matters. Our fixation on all the dangerous, bad, fearful things happening in the world keeps us distracted from what’s important. All the wars including the “war on terrorism” and the “war on drugs” keep us mesmerized in fear.

“Your power ends where your fear begins.” — Barbara Marciniak, Path of Empowerment

And who does this all serve? It serves shadowy commercial and political interests and the military-industrial complex and keeps them in the power and in the money. For them it’s all about the money, nothing else seems to matter, no higher purpose than to serve themselves. And they are masters of manipulation and are capitalizing on our weaknesses and our fears. Isn’t it obvious? Haven’t we had enough of this?

Reclaiming Our Power

It’s our divine right and responsibility to own our beliefs, ideas, principles, and values. It’s time we reclaim our confidence in our inner knowledge and have the courage to stand for truth and justice despite what our institutions, the media, and others may be telling us. We need to stop blaming the system and wake-up from our laziness, distractions, and dependencies to reclaim our power so we can create a better world!

It’s time to remember who you really are, not who others or society says you are or can be. It is time to stand in your own personal truths, not what others have told you is true. It is time to form your own beliefs, rather than just adopt what others believe. It is time to stand for what you know in your heart is right, rather than what society tells you is right, even if it means standing alone.

You are a slice of the powerful infinite being that we call the Universe, the source of “All That Is”. Stand in that power confidently! BE TRUE TO YOURSELF and STOP being a FOLLOWER!

You don’t need teachers, experts, professors, gurus, priests, pastors, church leaders, or heroes/idols to tell you what to believe, or what the truth is, or to show you how to connect with God. You don’t need THEIR beliefs, ideologies, or specific practices that they swear are the one and only way to reach the truth.


It is all within you, all the knowledge of the universe is deep within you. You are connected to all of it, to Source or God or whatever you choose to call it, just go within and become quiet and trust what you find, what you feel, what you know.


A bright future for humanity is still very much possible, but we’re going to have wake up out of our haze of consumption, distraction, laziness, apathy, and fear and start paying attention and getting engaged.  Even thou all our experiences expand Sources understanding of itself and the nature of its existence and, therefore, are all valuable, surely we’ve had enough of the many less than desirable themes repeating in our experiences.  Surely we’ve had enough of wage and debt slavery, of going to a job every day that we hate or bores us to tears, of all the competition and conflict, of all the pain and suffering — have we not? I think it is safe to say that our Source would encourage us choose a higher and grander vision of what we could be.  I think it’s safe to say that our Source would prefer the experience of joy, abundance, and freedom — for all.

Let’s make it happen!


Property taxes are for CORPORATIONS.

All taxes are for CORPORATIONS.  Otherwise it is slavery.   If you are NOT a CORPORATION, then “They” are forcing you to work for nothing to pay the tax and that is illegal and unconstitutional.

A CORPORATION is a franchise, a special privilege, and the tax is the fee for the franchise – a [adhesion] contract.

31 USC 3124 says that an obligation of the United States Inc. cannot be taxed … Except for CORPORATIONS.



The Institute for Justice estimates one out of four American workers now needs some sort of government-issued license to do their job. The trend around the country sees one group threaten another to force licensure for all.

In most countries only “persons” with a medical license granted either by a specified government-approved professional association or a government agency are authorized to practice medicine.

Over the last decade, state-licensed medical doctors, under direction of their association, have begun a crusade to criminalize unlicensed holistic practitioners for practicing medicine without a license under the Medical Practice Act.

With one voice, licensed medical doctors are trying to legislate choice for everyone else. Uniformity over individuality. They attempt to apply a license like a vaccine:

Where a license is used as a shield to protect an industry, a vaccine is used as a shield to “protect the herd.”

Where a license usurps inherent rights for acquired state rights, a vaccine usurps innate immunity for acquired immunity.

Where a license reflects a transfer of power from a free market (self-regulation) to a controlled-market (state-regulation), a vaccine reflects a transfer of power from self-healing to disease-based management.

Where a license is legal permission from an authority (i.e. State government, medical board) to do something that would otherwise be deemed illegal to do, a vaccine is legal permission to inject toxins that would otherwise be deemed illegal to ingest.

Where a license is based on the theory of “standard of care,” a vaccine is based on the standard of “The Germ Theory of Disease.”

Ask the question: “If vaccines work so well, what do the vaccinated fear from the unvaccinated?”

The “Standard of Care” Illusion

The medical authority determines the “standard of care” which is a degree of care a doctor is expected to exercise. Standard of Care is based on practice guidelines, the medical literature, hospital policies and procedures, state and federal regulations, and other sources. A 2005 article in the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law stated that “The precise definition of the standard of care varies from one state to another… Practice guidelines evolve and change, driven by new developments in clinical practice and science… After 5.8 years, half of the practice guidelines are outdated.”

Standards do not exist in reality. They shift with opinions, especially in a world where patients can get a second or third or fourth medical opinion for every diagnosis. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) holds the opinion that vaccines are “safe and effective.” The US Supreme Court holds the opinion that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” And the British Medical Journal holds the opinion that medical error is the third leading cause of death in America. This is known as iatrogenic (doctor-caused) death.

What Does Licensed Medicine Have To Fear?

A medical school graduate must receive a license to practice medicine before he or she can be called a physician in a legal sense.

Licensed allopathic medicine allows the doctor to dispense toxic synthetic drugs that come with black box warnings and adverse side effects, many of which come with an LD50 (lethal dose of a drug that kills 50 percent of the population tested).

Licensed medicine threatens doctors for suggesting holistic healing alternatives since the doctor is liable under threat of malpractice. FDA regulations apply to specific substances used in treatments, not to treatment regimens or practices.

Licensed medicine authorizes a doctor to regulate your body using standard medical protocols and bill you according to standard medical codes.

Licensed medicine means the State owns your body (as a ward of the state) and can claim your body.

Licensed medicine allows a medical doctor to “prescribe,” “treat” and “diagnose,” to puncture the skin, and to cut into the body.

Ask the question: “If the license works so well, what do licensed doctors fear from unlicensed healers?”

Holistic Medicine Is Not Licensed Medicine

Holistic practitioners do not attend medical school. They do not practice licensed medicine. They do not prescribe, treat, or diagnose. They do not puncture the skin, and do not cut into the body. They do not suggest medical alternatives. They do not use standard medical protocols or bill using standard medical codes.

Holistic doctors work with Nature’s tools (not synthetic drugs) to allow the body to heal itself. The holistic practitioner sees each individual as pure potential and unique in body, mind, and spirit. Individuality over Conformity.

Both allopathic and holistic medicine are healing modalities on a spectrum of choice. Where allopathic medicine ends, holistic medicine begins. One does not encroach upon the other. One is an apple, the other an orange. Choosing the orange is not a crime.

As has been the case for two hundred years, the practice of licensed medicine co-exists alongside unlicensed medicine because choice exists. One cannot legislate choice for others. As history shows, rulers don’t eliminate choice through unjust laws. They drive it underground.

In a free society, everyone has the right to give advice and the right to choose – allopaths, osteopaths, naturopaths, homeopaths, functional medicine doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, judges, and you.

Medical Freedom Under Threat

The argument for “freedom of choice” in medical care is based on the concept of an individual’s fundamental right of privacy. The right of privacy “includes a general right to be left alone and to be protected from governmental interference. It also includes the freedom of the individual to make fundamental choices involving the individual, his or her family, and relationships with others, except where such choices prove to be harmful to others and possibly oneself.” However, an absolute right to choose any treatment has not held up in court, with few exceptions:

In Schneider v. Revici, 817 F.2d 987 (2nd Cir. 1987), the court’s opinion addressed responsibility of a patient for his own care:

[W]e see no reason why a patient should not be allowed to make an informed decision to go outside currently approved medical methods in search of an unconventional treatment. While a patient should be encouraged to exercise care for his own safety, we believe that an informed decision to avoid surgery and conventional chemotherapy is within the patient’s right “to determine what shall be done with his own body.”

Limitations on such fundamental rights are justified only by a compelling state interest. At least one court opinion held that:

“parents have natural rights that encompass a private family life, but viewed the child’s well-being as an overriding interest.”  [The Laetrile Cases,” Ohio State Law Journal 42(2):523-550, 1981.]

How to Preserve Choice?

According to the National Center for Health Statistics38 percent of Americans choose to spend $33.9 billion annually, out-of-pocket, on products and services ranging from nutritional supplements to yoga and chiropractic care.

Choice represents freedom and freedom is embodied in each of us. Using free-will, each individual authorizes any practice over his own body, his private property, through consent or the withdrawal of consent.

The State of Wisconsin was featured in the March 2000 Journal of Family Practice  showing demand for more alternative healing options. Four reasons emerged as the basis for this: 1) Holism (whole person approach), 2) Empowerment, 3) Access, and 4) Legitimization.[i]

People who want to preserve choice and legitimize holistic medicine must stand up and speak out. Each is responsible for her own body and her own health. We can ask the question:

“In legislating the choice to heal, do legislators practice medicine without a license?” We can ask our legislators, “Who pays your salary? Who do you work for? Would you prevent your own ability to choose what’s best for you?”

The National Health Freedom Action is a non-profit organization working to protect choice in order to access natural healing modalities, while also protecting the rights of practitioners of Naturopathy, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, etc., to practice medicine without a license. Contact them at In Wisconsin, contact the Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition  and join me to preserve choice for individuals and access to holistic practitioners.

[i] Barlett, B., L. Marchad, J. Scheder, and D. Applebaum, Bridging the Gap Between Conventional and Alternative Medicine, Journal of Family Practice 49, no. 3 (March 4, 2000): 234-9; available at: (accessed June 15, 2017).

Rosanne Lindsay is a ANMCB board certified Naturopathic doctor working under the Turtle Island Provider Network. She is a writer, Earth Keeper, President of the National Health Freedom Coalition, co-founder of Wisconsin For Vaccine Choice.  She is author of the book The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet. Find her on Facebook at Rosanne Lindsay and Natureofhealing and consult with her using the tools of nature to heal yourself (virtual consults available) at

SOS for Russia

79dafc1e-f9fb-42b0-9659-86bec52d9aa8-1Cast the Net of Light for Chelyabinsk, Russia.

We were notified of a terrible tragedy in Chelyabinsk, Russia from a Net of Light group leader in Lithuania. She says, 

“I don’t know if the Net of Light workers are aware of what happened in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk and of the scope of that tragedy?  Are you sending love and casting the NET OF LIGHT to that doomed city whose two million people are literally entrapped by a murderous cloud of radiation, resulting from a nuclear explosion there?  As always, the Russians are keeping mum about the depth of the catastrophe, as is their way.  The chemical that has spread, ruten-106, is merciless. The city is not only enveloped by a huge black cloud that makes it difficult to breath, but is also encircled by military machines and soldiers and no one is allowed to leave. People are suffocating … The cloud has also endangered many neighboring towns and settlements.   The help of LIGHT Is badly needed… 

“I am sending pictures and a text in Russian with a bit of English translation.  It’s hard to imagine two million people shortly be turning  to  corpses, isn’t it?   They get no help … On the contrary, the government is doing everything it can to keep them “herded” and penned in – so as not to spread this “secret!”  Totally inhuman!  My heart is aching for them…

“The people are crying out for help.  You’ll see some photos and we are getting more texts now in Russian.  One said that until extremely high radiation levels were detected in France and Germany, no one knew the source.   After it led to Chelyabinsk, only then the Russians were forced to acknowledge the cause.   They acted the same way in Chernobyl.  Always trying to hide and deny.   Please work with the Net of Light for these people, the animals and the trees!”

We know the woman who sent this information.  She is a credible source and this story and pictures of Chelyabinsk are heart-breaking. What is happening there is not human.  But we ARE human so together let us now magnify the power of the Net of Light to hold the citizens of that city, the military personal encircling them, the leaders of Russia, and all who are involved in this tragedy.  Hold each one in the radiant Net of Light.  This is no time to hate or fall into despair.  This is the time to broadcast light!  Each time you think of the radiant Net of Light that holds all life on Earth, you strengthen its ability to do it’s job.  Let’s help it now to do its job.  We ask you to hold, hold, hold the Net of Light for Chelyabinsk.

Russia2The explosion and its deadly effect are kept secret. But all the city of Chelyabinsk is surrounded by the military and no one is allowed to leave… People are Suffocating…

2 million people are condemned to death as all this region has got a deadly dose of Ruten-106.Russia1.jpg



Please share this message. 

Thank you for holding steady during these dark times. 

The Net of Light team