HPV Vaccine Gardasil Kills: Confirmed By Court Ruling

By Catherine J. Frompovich

“After 8 long years, the government finally conceded that we met our burden of proof that Gardasil caused my death.” [1]

Christina Richelle Tarsell died from an arrhythmia induced by an autoimmune response to the HPV vaccine Gardasil which [she] had received only days before [her] death. …. This is a precedent setting case. …. Here are the links to the ruling by Judge Coster Williams and the revised ruling by the Special Master.” [1] [CJF emphasis]

Interestingly, in the above ruling order by Judge Williams, this is stated as part of the “Opinion and Order”:

Because the Special Master impermissibly elevated Petitioner’s burden of proof and misapplied the legal standard, the Court remands the matter to the Special Master. [Pg.2]

 In this author’s opinion, the above comment/opinion by the Judge is indicative of what has become an ‘accepted modus operandi’ by Special Masters at the Vaccine Court in order to deny vaccine damage claimants their standing at court, which is totally illegal and must be FIXED immediately by Health and Human Services!

Here’s why I say that, and the Judge confirms why I do:

Althen Prong Three: The Special Master Raised Petitioner’s Burden of Showing a Proximate Temporal Relationship Between Gardasil and Christina’s Arrhythmia

The linchpin of the Special Master’s decision denying compensation appears to be “timing.” See id. at *7. The Special Master explained: “[t]he order of presentation begins with timing because a gap in Ms. Tarsell’s evidence is most readily apparent in the context of attempting to identify when Christina started to suffer arrhythmia.” Id. The Special Master found:

Ms. Tarsell has not persuasively established a basic proposition of her claim, that Christina did not experience an arrhythmia until after the first dose of the HPV vaccine. Without this foundation, the rest of Ms. Tarsell’s claim cannot stand.
Id. at *1.

In reaching this conclusion, the Special Master ignored medical-record evidence from Christina’s treating physicians that showed she did not have an arrhythmia prior to her vaccine.

Instead of assessing medical-record evidence, the Special Master invoked the experts’ candid but unremarkable conclusion that it was possible that Christina’s arrhythmia could have been present before it was detected. From this, the Special Master determined that because the onset of Christina’s arrhythmia was “unknown,” Petitioner failed to prove that Christina did not have arrhythmia before she received the vaccine. Id. at *7-8. This conclusion disregards Christina’s extensive medical-record evidence and medical history, which indicates that her arrhythmia was detected for the first time on November 20, 2007 – – ninety days after her first HPV vaccine – – and for the second time on December 27, 2007 – – thirty-seven days after her second HPV vaccine.

The Special Master’s approach to analyzing onset placed an overly onerous burden of proof on Petitioner as illustrated by the following colloquy. [Pg.8] [CJF emphasis]

In the 22-page ruling filed June 30, 2017 by Judge Mary Ellen Coster Williams, which I encourage all parents with vaccine damaged children, in particular, and all vaccine-administering MDs to read, you will find this


Petitioner’s motion for review is GRANTED. The Special Master’s decision denying compensation is VACATED, and the case is REMANDED to the Special Master for further proceedings consistent with this decision. The Court makes no factual findings of its own. On remand, the Special Master shall reassess whether Petitioner met Althen’s Prongs One, Two, and Three and whether she is entitled to compensation, consistent with the legal principles articulated in this opinion. Pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 300aa-12(e)(2), the Court allows 90 days for the completion of proceedings on remand.

The Clerk shall not disclose this decision publicly for 14 days.

Back in February of 2011, when I was part of the group of vaccine safety researchers and activists, including attorneys, who showed up on the apron of the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court to attend the press conference in protest against SCOTUS’s unfortunately ‘skewed science thinking’ in their BRUESEWITZ ET AL. v. WYETH LLC, FKA WYETH, INC., opinion [2], I met Christina’s mother, Emily Tarsell, a most-dedicated mom to finding true justice for her vaccine-damaged and departed daughter. I congratulate Mrs. Tarsell on her determination and follow-through!

As a result of that perseverance, patience and waiting, here’s what Special Master Christian J. Morgan ruled:


The Court’s Opinion and Order required additional consideration consistent with the legal principles articulated by the Court for analyzing the evidence in this tragic case about a woman, Christina Tarsell, who died much too young. Under the approach dictated by the Court, Ms. Tarsell is entitled to compensation. The parties should anticipate that a separate order regarding damages will issue shortly. Pursuant to Vaccine Rule 28.1(a), the Clerk’s Office is instructed to notify the Court of this ruling. [CJF emphasis]

Gardasil kills, so declares the Court and Vaccine Special Master Morgan! Shout that from the mountain tops and make certain every medical doctor knows that too!

My hope is that all who have been damaged by any vaccine—and denied their claims by Vaccine Court Special Masters—will find hope and courage in Mrs. Tarsell’s perseverance to prevail for justice due under the law as Congress passed in 1986, but which the Vaccine Court Special Masters do not honor, or go out of their way to find loopholes regarding “burden of proof”—or so it seems.


[1] http://www.gardasil-and-unexplained-deaths.com/
[2] Dissenting Opinion by Justices Sotomayor & Ginsberg

“The majority’s decision today disturbs that careful balance based on a bare policy preference that it is better “to leave complex epidemiological judgments about vaccine design to the FDA and the National Vaccine Program rather than juries.” [….] “Manufacturers, given the lack of robust competition in the vaccine market, will often have little or no incentive to improve the designs of vaccines that are already generating significant profit margins. Nothing in the text, structure, or legislative history remotely suggests that Congress intended that result. I respectfully dissent.”


National Childhood Injury Vaccination Act, 42 U.S.C. §§300aa-1 et seq.; Gardasil; Human Papillomavirus; Cardiac Arrhythmia; Causation in Fact; Sudden Death.

Gardasil Researcher Speaks Out / Sharyl Attkisson

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A “Whistleblower” Blows The Lid Off Microwave Towers

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Sometimes one has to question whether it is correct to submit information or forget it, especially when one part of the resource is extremely revealing and enlightening, while another part is seemingly esoteric, so it makes one wonder.

That’s the dilemma I find myself debating in the video which bears the title 5G Death Towers: Whistle Blower blows lid off 5G Death Towers.

The reasons for my concerns are the actualities that a cell tower worker “whistleblower” reveals in some extremely startling information in Part 1 and two other microwave company employees tell in Part 2:

  • what those towers are about;
  • designed to do;
  • “they radiate harmful radiation to passive citizens”;
  • “the real danger is what’s coming off the top of the towers”;
  • their predisposition to catching fire or falling down because they are not structurally safe to support all the ‘microwave infrastructure’ placed upon them;
  • how to find out what amounts and types of radiation are transmitted from the towers—and measure it, as not all are for cell phone transmission; and
  • some infrastructure panels and drums, etc. are for “people and mind control”!

In Part 2, we hear the two-way conversations between the interviewer, Madison Starr, and an employee of a company that provides cell phone towers only, but doesn’t rent space, which is most revealing and something everyone ought to hear and know, in my opinion, and then from another contractor company employee.

Around 28 minutes on the timeline we hear that GWEN towers are part of “controlling the weather” and operate in conjunction with HAARP!? The description of Earth’s resonance probably is misquoted, and the person probably may be referring to the “Schumann Frequency” measured in Hertz, not in kilohertz [1,000 cycles per second] from what I know. [1]

Around 30 minutes on the timeline is where I find my concerns, as the video goes off into seemingly unexplained esoteric-like information, which probably reflects the interviewer’s research and/or opinions. However, there’s mention of something called the “Rods of God” involving and using kinetic energy. Not knowing about RoG, I went digging and here’s what I found:

The Air Force’s ‘rods from god‘ could hit with the force of a nuclear weapon — with no fallout. The 107-country Outer Space Treaty signed in 1967 prohibits nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons from being placed in or used from Earth’s orbit. [2]


Lazy Dog projectiles (aka “kinetic bombardment”) could reach speeds of up to 500 mph as they fell to the ground and could penetrate 9 inches of concrete after being dropped from as little as 3,000 feet. [1]

You may want to read what Wikipedia has to say about “Kinetic bombardment”

We truly are living in high-tech-consumer-ignorance times!

The premise “what you don’t know, won’t bother you,” is not applicable. Is that why we constantly are being told scientific fairy tales or deliberate lies about EMFs/RFs/ELFs, AMI Smart Meters, “smart” appliances, cell phone usage and other microwave-operated high-tech appliances most folks apparently have become addicted to?

When will we wake up that in using microwave technology, we are making “health-damaging” choices?


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances
[2] http://www.businessinsider.com/air-force-rods-from-god-kinetic-weapon-hit-with-nuclear-weapon-force-2017-9

Tim Martin: Forest Queen demands justice!

Linda Cassara doesn’t mince words when she talks about Humboldt County’s “corrupt” judicial system. She thinks the courts are “mind-rigged,” the judges are incompetent regarding the supreme law of the land, and the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against the people. Cassara (aka Forest Queen) says we need to demand facts and accountability from the “black-robed pirates” inside the building at 825 Fifth Street in Eureka. She finds it difficult to understand why those who live next to marijuana crops are bothered by the smell of nature when “the stench of fraud is so thick inside the courthouse you could cut it with a knife.”

Linda lives in Carlotta and has spent countless hours in court, as well as in Board of Supervisors meetings, talking to “the uninformed, the sleepers, and the order-followers.” Some might think it’s all been a waste of time based on her success-to-failure ratio. Confiscated cars and other court related problems have cost Cassara thousands of dollars over the years. She has had a truck and two cars seized due to a lack of license, registration and insurance.

“Lawfully, no one has to be registered, licensed and insured unless you are ‘driving’ in commerce, such as a taxi driver, a bus driver, or a truck driver,” she said. “We pay these taxes because we willfully linger in a lazy master/slave mentality.”

Linda’s impounded Ford Ranger sits far away in a Laytonville tow yard. It’s been there for four years. Why? “Because the sheriff doesn’t know the difference between a misdemeanor, a code violation and a crime,” she grumbled. When she went to check on her pickup last July, the CHP (Highway Robbers) seized her Ford Escort and left her stranded in Meyers Flat. Cassara’s Escort now has a new owner. She insists that the transfer of title was done without full disclosure, the previous owner’s consent, or her signature on a bill of sale.

In the case of her Oldsmobile Bravada, stolen by the “Unfriendly” City of Fortuna police “posing as public servants,” Linda is presently on her fifth judge in (oddly enough) Family Law Court.

Since free people do not pay for justice, Cassara refuses to pay $425 to file litigation. She has, however, shelled out a huge amount of money on notary fees, registered and certified mail, process server, postage, copies, and getting to and from the court house. Linda suffers through cold winters without a wood supply (thanks to the “theft” of her pickup), and buying groceries is a chore. The nearest market is seven miles away. In 2016 she had to call an ambulance to get to Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna.

Cassara presently has seven cases on hold and/or dismissed, and has walked out of court numerous times unable to achieve the single thing she wants: justice. She describes herself as not a Ms., a defendant, or a U.S. citizen. Linda is “one of the people, an American State National non-resident alien creditor and secured party appearing by special limited appearance in a non-representative capacity as a third party intervenor.” The woman is fearless in the face of authority. Few people have the courage to challenge a judge in court. It’s akin to swimming in the middle of shark-infested waters and opening a main artery in your wrist.

Linda concentrates on law on a local level, and is concerned about how we are not taxed per capita. Her concerns also center on vaccines, geo-engineered climate, hemp tax, and “generated” energy. One of her heroes is Debora Tavares, an activist/whistleblower from Sebastopol, who believes Smart Meters open you up to constant surveillance in your home, and expose you to microwave radiation.

Cassara is convinced we have been “defrauded and abused by hired servants.” She thinks that between death by vaccinations, geo-engineered global climate, fluoride in water supplies, and Northern California homes with Firestorm Meters, it’s high time to reclaim our “soul rights” and become caretakers of our own land.

The woman’s “to-do” list makes The Twelve Labors of Hercules seem relatively easy by comparison. What can Linda hope to accomplish?

According to the South China Morning Post, Chinese farmer named Wang Englin recently won the first round of a legal battle against a powerful state-owned chemical company. He blames the multi-million-dollar Qihua Group for dumping tens of thousands of tons of polyvinyl chloride into the village, ruining farmland and burying the area in white calcium carbide slag. Wang has only three years of formal education. He has spent 16 years self-learning the law in order to fight the corporation in court.

Much like Wang Englin, Cassara believes all things are possible.

Tim Martin resides in Fortuna and contributes this column to the Times-Standard. Email him at tmartin@sitestar.net.