Weather Geoengineering Update: What’s Going On?

By Catherine FrompovichGeoengineering

June 13, 2018


As readers probably know, I’m located in SE Pennsylvania where we’ve had horrible wet weather and about which I have written.  It’s not normal, as I’ve lived in this area more than 65 years and I can attest to what’s been going on recently.  However, the weather gets even stranger, so I thought I’d share what’s going on here so commiserating folks will know you are not alone in what you have to deal with from “man-made, geoengineered weather.”

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018, the KYW radio weather forecaster had what was termed good weather news: This coming weekend, Father’s Day weekend, just may be the first weekend in eight (8) weeks that our area/region will have a dry, sunny weekend!  Do you believe that—8 water-logged weekends in a row!

However, this past Sunday, June 10th, was another soaker, like most days.  But there was something very different I noticed while driving around various locations.  The rear tires of cars were ‘creating’ soap suds ‘wakes’ as they drove along.

The first car I saw doing that prompted me to think it had gone through a car wash; then I remembered it was raining, so no car wash was operating.  Then I saw car after car produce the ‘soap suds wakes’ on the streets and roadways.

What was coming down in the rain that made soap suds-like wakes?

Monday, June 11th, we had the main expressway from Philadelphia’s western suburbs – the Schuylkill Expressway – get flooded and shut down for nine plus hours!  The cliffs that abut the expressway going in to Philadelphia were washing down on to the roadway bringing all kinds of debris with the water, which clogged drains.  People actually slept in their cars because they had to stop and could not get off the expressway!

If I remember correctly, the previous Sunday we got 4 to 7 inches of rain in a few hours, depending upon where the rain was heaviest.  Flooding all over SE Pennsylvania and across the Delaware River in New Jersey!

June 12th we woke up to a clear blue sky and 70 degrees.  Then the spray planes came along with their poison sprays and the sky became occluded with man-made blanket clouds, some of which may have attracted scalar clouds due to atmospheric pressure changes and electromagnetics one could feel in the atmosphere.  What will tomorrow’s weather bring?  Probably more tropical downpours, something this region never had on an almost daily basis for weeks, if not months, in a row.  Something has to be causing that precipitation, as Mother Nature is not that fickle!  Usually after a heavy rain or snow storm, the next day would be clear with the sun shining and a cloudless blue sky.  Not anymore.  Day after day, rainstorm after rainstorm; people are noticing and also complaining.

Gardeners are complaining they have lost perennials, shrubs and food crops.  Is that the general idea for weather geoengineering?  Famine-producing weather and blame it on Mother Nature and the weather?

What the heck is going on weather geoengineers?  Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, claims aluminum seven thousand (7,000) times greater/higher than the EPA allows has been found in air samples and humans are forced to breathe aluminum into our lungs, thereby contaminating our brains and other organs. 

Where are federal, state and local health agencies?

Why are weather forecasters, who see NOAA’s satellite images, NOT questioning the spray-poisoning of the planet to produce man-made weather?


Run Bankers Run – Checkmate

Published on Aug 3, 2017
Whether you’ve never missed a payment or are about to be evicted in foreclosure. We now have the means to prove fraud in the mortgage beyond a shadow of a doubt and hold the criminals liable. We get all kinds of requests: “Please contact me” . Response: We don’t chase people. If you have a serious need or interest, you need to contact us but don’t contact us looking for advice or answers on ‘what to do’. That’s what the membership is for. We don’t give advice and we certainly don’t do it via email or chat. That leads to the next question people always ask: “How can I contact you?”. Answer: “Did you not watch the video to the end? The website address is there. Or just click here: 


TUESDAY 12th JUNE 2018- TIME 7:30 P.M.CDT

From: attbrannum

Date: 6/11/2018 6:59:49 PM

Subject: NOTICE: Next Jurisdiction conference call for winners vs. IRS Tax Thieves

Date of NEXT call, down toward the bottom.

There is an updated conference call u tube attached “Jurisdiction call May 22nd”.

We have the most trouble helping people that insist on making this process complicated. It is the most simple and sure way to stop the thieves I have ever witnessed.

If you want to start winning then you have to get the final document from the US Tax Court that orders the IRS has lack of Jurisdiction. When you get this you can then stand tall against all thieves.

The only thing you fill out is Petition #2, sign and mail is Pages 2,3,4 and 5.  Mail to the address on top of page 1 then throw it away. Do not pay any attention to what it reads.

Do NOT ever ever ever pay the 60.00 dollars.

The Thieves always sends a Notice of Lien but it is the County Clerk that converts it to a real lien and makes a security document out of it.

I am attaching some of the latest I have on Jurisdiction. Look and learn.

This process is so simple it can only fail if you change or add something to the Petition. It takes about 15 minutes to fill out and is ready to mail.  Am attaching all that should help you understand. 

See and read all Attachments

1st  get the petition #2 off the so you can receive a Federal Court Order stating the IRS has Lack of Jurisdiction. Make your copy with your information just exactly like the John Doe Petition example.

This process takes about 8 weeks. Mean While start writing District court Chief Judge Court Clerk and asking, “does the US District Courts have Jurisdiction over the Internal Revenue Service”. See attachment USDCDC but do not use the exact same wording. Do your own wording.

You may have to write 3 or 4 times before they finally send you a letter stating they do not have Jurisdiction. You will now have a Court Order and a Letter that there is no Jurisdiction over the IRS except from the one and only US Tax Court which is the only one that is final say so. See attached Tax Court has final decision.

No matter what court you go into, 1st ask the Court “Does this court have Jurisdiction” If they say yes you ask “Can you prove that”.

If they continue forward and you know they do not have Jurisdiction you then appeal the case. If they do not have Jurisdiction the Appeals Court will throw the case out. Then you have a case against the Judge for Treason if you wish. Because the Judge went forward without Jurisdiction and immediately left himself LIABLE.

“We (judges) have no more right to decline the exercise of jurisdiction which is given, than to usurp that which is not given.  The one or the other would be treason to the Constitution.”  Cohen v. Virginia, (1821), 6 Wheat. 264 and U.S. V. Will, 499 U.S. 200.”

Will have updated Conference Calls for Educated answers for your questions on Jurisdiction Only.

Subjects to cover concerning Municipal Courts, JP Courts, County Courts, State district Courts, Federal Tax Courts and others called Kangaroo courts all with or without JURISDICTION.

Please, no other subjects discussed. Our time is too valuable for so many folks that finally wish to WIN and not play the same old losing games we all have played for the last 20 years plus.

Next call Below. Expect to hear some success on different subjects.

Date Tuesday June 12th, 2018

Time 7:30 PM CDT

Special Guest to be present for training.

Guest speaker’s Specialty is Jurisdiction, Jurisdiction, Jurisdiction only. 

For attending the conference call. 

Dial (605) 472-5645

Access Code 583966 #

When you 1st get on the call hit *6 to mute yourself and then, when you wish to speak or ask a question hit * 6 again.

NOTICE: Any callers that ID as Anonymous. Will be disconnected. 

Call will be recorded and to get the recording after the present conference call has finished, call (605) 475-4962 Then use access code 583966 #. You may have to hit the 2nd # when requested

In case you cannot make the Tuesday night call but want a question answered.

Send questions prior to training to Ed Brannum

Calls are recorded so your questions will be answered on the conference call and then you can call in on the recording and hear your answer at a later date.  

I also wish to announce the Republic of Texas Congress  will welcome ALL to this PUBLIC SESSION VENUE AT WEATHERFORE, TEXAS REPUBLIC

SATURDAY – JULY 14th, 2018.

We will be discussing Jurisdiction at this session also.

Venue is at the Iron Skillet.

See web site for details.

See our Videos:

Of Reference

Larry Villano 2 months ago (edited)

Key phrase by the Hispanic female speaker: “We believe in the power of the collective”. What happened to the power of the INDIVIDUAL? The “collective” are nothing more than one group of people unfairly plundering the fruits and labor of another. This theft is NOT sustainable. California’s tax base will continue to erode, crime and poverty will continue to increase, and eventually, the irresponsible leadership will end up BEGGING the taxpayers of other states to BAIL THEM OUT. To which the response will be “You made your bed, now sleep in it!”

Posted local on Redheaded Blackbelt blog

Is this a “pep” talk?  It is. It most certainly is.

Think BIGGER.  A 2% foreign imposed tea tax touched off a revolution. In the last 50 years, We, the People, have surrendered our rights via taxation of 3% tax, to well over 50%.  We pay more in Administrative Taxes than we do for clothing, housing, food and water combined. This is overall, across the board. The comfortably numb will remain blinded by the light.

Make no mistake.  The “Black market” – is brokering debt instruments -counterfeit currencies and “derivatives,” that cause unnecessary suffering. It has been so insurmountable that it has served to quash business and growth.

Think about this a bit;  Commiefornia has issued  $1 billion in reparations to the illegals via Cap and Trade. Taxes are being redistributed to people who refuse to become ‘legal’.  Here, in The County OF Humboldt, the ‘legals’ (via manufactured consent), are taxed on a right to plant nature, in nature, by nature.  It’s a ‘legal’ conundrum cluster.

Meanwhile, while we haggle and tune-in, for communication sake, defining taxe$, criminal$ and thieve$, the $tate’s level of corruption, the flower indu$try, bribe$, hepititu$ C, $hrink interpretation$, and “$ustainable”, in fact, and, in fiction . . . Eden is burning.

Frequency Armageddon

Pesticide poisoning

Clear-cutting continue$ at break-neck speed

Rock and gravel mining is now 24/7 –365, while Humboldt’s roads fall into disgraceful dis-repair.

The Supe’s year-end report card, on all four fiduciary Public Servant duties, remains at F, a dismal failure.  1)Protect the airspace above Humboldt, 2) the rivers and 3) forests, and, 4) repair and maintain the roads.  All else is manure.

At the end of February 18, 510 sealed indictments were filed since the end of October 2017.

735 are listed in Northern California.  Military tribunals are coming for the wicked.  We are the ones to stand, boots on the ground, at-arm’s-length, as witnesses.  Possibly a list of names for identi-fiction purposes. This is where ‘Federal’ comes in.  Not a Mayor, a Supe., a (pretend) Sheriff double-dipping as a Coroner,  or Gov., has authority to call on a Federal Marshall (not U.S.). This motion and movement has to arise from the people in the manner and steps in which is laid out for us.  We are the ones to gather in the ‘spirit’ of the law.

The California Army National Guard may summons a Federal Marshal.  It’s a sweeping non-violent event.  After all, we’re talkin about persons that spend the majority of their life at a desk, or coercing the people at public meetings.  Private men and women, masquerading as Public Servants, caged in the Matrix  . . . cakewalk.

There’s no sitting on the fence of the plantation.  Our county/state is in ruins because of the son of perdition known as Jerry Brown. Evil is rampant but will lose in the end.







Pink Floyd Frontman Opens Show By Exposing The Government Silencing of Julian Assange

By Jay Syrmopoulos


Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters showed solidarity with Julian Assange during a concert in Berlin by unveiling a message in red text projected onto a black backdrop, which read “Resist the attempted silencing of Julian Assange,” before the start of his concert.

Waters’ show of support for the WikiLeaks founder happened as supporters and friends of Assange came together for an online vigil featuring a diverse group of high-profile supporters of all political stripes for the Unity for J /#Unity4J event. They called for the end of Assange’s “arbitrary detention” inside of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and advocated for Assange’s freedom and protection.

The online vigil for Assange comes in response to his continued silencing by the Ecuadorian government, which cut his internet communications with the outside world at their London embassy on March 28 and began denying him communications or visitors, claiming that his posts on social media put the country’s international relations “at risk.”

In a recent interview with the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno said that Assange could continue his asylum in the embassy but must adhere to the specified conditions—otherwise, Ecuador “will make a decision.”

Do not forget that his asylum status prevents him from talking about politics and intervening in friendly countries’ politics. We have cut off this line of communication,” Moreno told DW.

Assange has essentially been barred from practicing journalism if he wants to maintain his asylum while remaining subject to arrest in Britain for jumping bail. Additionally, it is believed that there is a secret grand jury indictment against Assange—thus he fears a likely U.S. extradition, based on his leaking of classified documents, if he is arrested in the UK.

Ecuador initially granted Assange asylum in 2012, under then-President Rafael Correa, who repeatedly tried to find a solution that would allow the WikiLeaks founder to leave the embassy without the threat of arrest. Assange has been living in Ecuador’s embassy for almost six years, in what a UN panel describes as “arbitrary detention,” after seeking asylum from persecution.

In December 2017, Ecuador granted citizenship to Assange, in a failed bid to provide him with diplomatic immunity. President Moreno, who was elected last year, has previously said that Assange was “more than a nuisance,” and called him an “inherited problem.”

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters is known for using his musical platform to make powerful political statements that often go against the mainstream narrative. During a solo concert in Barcelona in last month, Waters stopped mid-concert to address the U.S. bombing of Syria—which took place under the pretense of retaliation for an alleged chemical attack—to call out the White Helmets.

The White Helmets is a fake organization that exists only to create propaganda for jihadists and terrorists,” Waters said. “That’s my belief. We have opposing beliefs. If we were to listen to the propaganda of the White Helmets and others, we would be encouraged to encourage our governments to start dropping bombs on people in Syria. This would be a mistake of monumental proportions for us as human beings.”

What we should do is go and persuade our governments not to go and drop bombs on people. And certainly not until we have done all the research that is necessary so that we would have a clear idea of what is really going on. Because we live in the world where propaganda seems to be more important than the reality of what is really going on,” he added.

Waters has been an activist throughout his career and taken a number of controversial stances while calling out the means by which the entertainment industry works to propagandize and socially engineer society. He explained, in 2016, that the entertainment industry discourages individuals from calling out the atrocities committed by the Israeli military, and how the “boycott, divestment and sanctions” (BDS) campaign was targeted:

The only response to BDS is that it is anti-Semitic, I know this because I have been accused of being a Nazi and an anti-Semite for the past 10 years. My industry has been particularly recalcitrant in even raising a voice [against Israel]. There’s me and Elvis Costello, Brian Eno, Manic Street Preachers, one or two others, but there’s nobody in the United States where I live. I’ve talked to a lot of them, and they are scared s***less.

“If they say something in public they will no longer have a career. They will be destroyed. I’m hoping to encourage some of them to stop being frightened and to stand up and be counted because we need them. We need them desperately in this conversation in the same way we needed musicians to join protesters over Vietnam,” he added.

When entertainers and musicians attempt to break through the imposed Matrix of propaganda the plutocratic oligarchy and their media cronies work diligently to marginalize them into obscurity. It is important for people to understand that voices for freedom are being intentionally silenced when they go against the “approved” narrative, thus it being incumbent upon us to share the message of freedom, and no matter what your political ideology—support human rights and justice for Julian Assange!