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Larry Villano 2 months ago (edited)

Key phrase by the Hispanic female speaker: “We believe in the power of the collective”. What happened to the power of the INDIVIDUAL? The “collective” are nothing more than one group of people unfairly plundering the fruits and labor of another. This theft is NOT sustainable. California’s tax base will continue to erode, crime and poverty will continue to increase, and eventually, the irresponsible leadership will end up BEGGING the taxpayers of other states to BAIL THEM OUT. To which the response will be “You made your bed, now sleep in it!”

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Is this a “pep” talk?  It is. It most certainly is.

Think BIGGER.  A 2% foreign imposed tea tax touched off a revolution. In the last 50 years, We, the People, have surrendered our rights via taxation of 3% tax, to well over 50%.  We pay more in Administrative Taxes than we do for clothing, housing, food and water combined. This is overall, across the board. The comfortably numb will remain blinded by the light.

Make no mistake.  The “Black market” – is brokering debt instruments -counterfeit currencies and “derivatives,” that cause unnecessary suffering. It has been so insurmountable that it has served to quash business and growth.

Think about this a bit;  Commiefornia has issued  $1 billion in reparations to the illegals via Cap and Trade. Taxes are being redistributed to people who refuse to become ‘legal’.  Here, in The County OF Humboldt, the ‘legals’ (via manufactured consent), are taxed on a right to plant nature, in nature, by nature.  It’s a ‘legal’ conundrum cluster.

Meanwhile, while we haggle and tune-in, for communication sake, defining taxe$, criminal$ and thieve$, the $tate’s level of corruption, the flower indu$try, bribe$, hepititu$ C, $hrink interpretation$, and “$ustainable”, in fact, and, in fiction . . . Eden is burning.

Frequency Armageddon

Pesticide poisoning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvI_X3PbYKU

Clear-cutting continue$ at break-neck speed

Rock and gravel mining is now 24/7 –365, while Humboldt’s roads fall into disgraceful dis-repair.

The Supe’s year-end report card, on all four fiduciary Public Servant duties, remains at F, a dismal failure.  1)Protect the airspace above Humboldt, 2) the rivers and 3) forests, and, 4) repair and maintain the roads.  All else is manure.

At the end of February 18, 510 sealed indictments were filed since the end of October 2017.

735 are listed in Northern California.  Military tribunals are coming for the wicked.  We are the ones to stand, boots on the ground, at-arm’s-length, as witnesses.  Possibly a list of names for identi-fiction purposes. This is where ‘Federal’ comes in.  Not a Mayor, a Supe., a (pretend) Sheriff double-dipping as a Coroner,  or Gov., has authority to call on a Federal Marshall (not U.S.). This motion and movement has to arise from the people in the manner and steps in which is laid out for us.  We are the ones to gather in the ‘spirit’ of the law.

The California Army National Guard may summons a Federal Marshal.  It’s a sweeping non-violent event.  After all, we’re talkin about persons that spend the majority of their life at a desk, or coercing the people at public meetings.  Private men and women, masquerading as Public Servants, caged in the Matrix  . . . cakewalk.

There’s no sitting on the fence of the plantation.  Our county/state is in ruins because of the son of perdition known as Jerry Brown. Evil is rampant but will lose in the end.







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