Red lights flashing behind you.  When a cop turns on ‘emergency’ lights to stop someone and asks for license and REGIS tration, and then writes a summons-ticket, executes it and demands one’s bond in the form of an agreement to appear, and then
serves the summons, the cop is breaking the laws:

1) The turning on of lights means an ‘emergency’ is in effect. The cop wants people to think he is stopping traffic and that the one being stopped is the ‘emergency.’ Where was the emergency? Nowhere, of course. The cop just wanted to perform a “traffic stop.” By doing so, the cop perpetuated several fraudulent  actions. a) The cop deceived the one being stopped into thinking there was an emergency. b) Impersonated a government official on emergency business. The cop in reality is a Corpora Ficta employee and not a government employee. He has no authority of a government official at all. There are TWO lawfully excusable conditions for seizing property or People: 1) A warrant of the law. 2) First-hand observation of a crime being committed. This is not just the law. This is constitutionally mandated. The cop needs the DRIVERS License and REGIS tration as prima facie evidence to support the claim of trafficking instead of traveling, if indeed one is not transporting people or property for hire or profit.

2) Cops are only authorized to enforce statute and ordinance, not LAW. Statutes are passed by STATE of Corpora Fictas. Ordinances are passed by City/County of Corpora Fictas. LAW is only the Natural Law, Common Law. DMV is only a corporate Dept. in State of CA. Corpora Ficta. License and REGIS tration are commercial agreements and not contracts. IFF one of us is not involved in commercial activity then there is no exercise of a privilege that must be licensed and REGIS tered. Licenses and REGIS trations are ONLY required for commercial activity; that means business ONLY. In LAW, people have the right to travel as a part of one’s right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

3) IFF the cop perceives that one of us may have broken the law or  actually infracted a statute and writes a ticket with a summons, the cop is now impersonating an officer of the court, which the cop is clearly not. The cop is thereby impersonating a Judicial Officer. Who in all of America can write a summons to a court unless they are actually authorized to serve in a judicial capacity? Answer: No one else may.

4) When the cop serves the summons, an impersonation of a Sheriff is taking place. The Sheriff is a member of the executive branch of government. The cop has now just violated the separation of powers. No one person can serve in two branches of the government at the same time. Who in all of America can execute (serve) a summons, or compulsory legal process of any NAME unless they are actually authorized to serve in a sheriff’s office? Answer: No one else may.

5) Now the cop demands a signature of a PERSON to agree to appear in court. By demanding a signature, the cop is now demanding a BOND in the form of an agreement to appear. Who in all of America can take a bond— including a ‘promise to appear”—except for a Bailiff? Answer: No one else may!

6) Continued impersonation of the, dressed-in-costume, cop. The cop signs the ‘summons.’ The ‘summons’ has a line marked “officer.” In California the Municipal Courts were absorbed into the Superior Courts, which appears to be a Constitutional Court. The cop is not an officer of any court and the summons did not come from any court. This is pure fraud. Cops try to get (some of) us to validate their fraud. Cops are impersonating judicial officers, Sheriffs, and by signing the false summons (ticket/citation), thereby impersonating a Bailiff (a judicial officer), the cop is impersonating a second time!!

The ENTIRE emergency traffic stop, asking for a d/l and REGIS tration (which can be used  against you in a legal proceeding; refuse and STAND on the 5th Amendment), to impersonating several other ACTors, and using a (citation) paper form is total fraud, because it is not a government document at all; it is a corporate document being forced (IFF you comply), upon private People. This is what I did: I wrote TERMINATE on both sides of THEIR DRIVER’S license, cut it into three pieces and mailed it to DMV. I returned THEIR LICENSE plates and said that I was all done playing (acting), and supporting dead things. The word ‘corporation’ comes from  ‘corpse.’ Just like the FRN’S have pictures of dead people on them. “Render unto Caesar what is his.” My truck plates: NO EXP. California in red. Sui Juris in dark blue. Sui Juris means “in my own jurisdiction.” Juris—right, law. Diction– means to speak. about $15 per plate. IFF I am ever illegally pulled roadside, my first words are: “Peace to you good sir (or maam) is there an emergency? Did you witness me committing a crime?” Bla, bla, bla. The cops are also our brothers and sisters in need of education. It’s like holding up a mirror to them. Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real. IFF any one of us are under TDC – threat, they are armed, duress-you wouldn’t be pulling over  roadside by your own free will, coercion—intimidated to sign. At minimum, place ‘By’ in front of your signature. Or TDC, or hey THC (H-harassment) –lol. IFF any one of us is presently ‘under THEIR illusion’ and receiving mail from THEIR Administration Bldg.,DO NOT OPEN THEIR ENVELOPE, and, in black permanent marker, cover over the NAME. RTS – Return to Sender. Returned for Fraud. IFF you are no longer under agreement with CA.INC. i.e. no d/l, REGIS tration, then write that also on the back of THEIR envelope—I HAVE NO AGREEMENT WITH YOU (or CA INC.).


4 thoughts on “ARE YOU AWARE ? ? ?

  1. Even when you THINK you know what to do with it, THEY (CHP, for example) don’t care…..they will operate with their EGOs instead of their brains, so you still end up in THEIR courts, where THEY ignore you and everything you say, and try to just railroad you until you give in…..THEY are NOT honorable in any way, shape or form!

  2. Bryan M. Chadwick,

    Nothing exists in a disconnected manner. Do the Satanic in breeds actually ‘exist?’
    I dunno.

    Lately the 2.3 million who are caged keeps crossing my mind – the gas lines into the cells have been in place –maybe since the prisons were built. I’ll be Certified mailing tomorrow to as many as I can ($) of local Lien Debtors listed on my Commercial Obligation Lien. I’m deciding – 30, 60 or 90 days. 90 days was Saturday since I filed into court. But I don’t want to ‘jump the gun.’ The wagon train can only move as fast as the slowest wagon, and its not as if my telephone, emails or blog are ‘lighting up’ –yet.
    Sorta, kinda, makes me ‘down.’ I expect more from my county folk – but, that’s me.

    The homeless here in Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna and Garberville are being shuffled around like cattle from place to place, while there are so many huge old empty buildings in the downtown area of Eureka –owned by the City (which btw, just happens to be us/the people). The ‘pot’ busts are happening daily -nationwide. So twisted. Now we have a “Code Enforcement Unit” due to the “Ordinance” passed in Jan. (i filed March 25) -get this: the growers are being cited for NOT contracting w/theCounty!!

    Guns (what they really want) are being confiscated. Wednesday’s “search” warrant bust led the “Order Followers” to the couple’s rental storage unit -lots of pictures of firearms and ammo. Meanwhile, the BIG foreign Corps. are paying millions for acreage and terracing the forests -they aren’t being kidnapped, caged and stolen from – asset forfeiture -my sweet pattutie.

    It just takes a spark to set off the rapture, in the ‘twinkling of an eye,’ heard round the world. The www, cell phones, and of course nature’s connect . . . Probably something to do with frequency, sun flares and/or planetary motion and movement, and/or the breath of Divinity.

    “May you live in interesting times.” Man, do we!

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