Man Deemed Too Smart for the Police Force

September 8, 1999 Associated Press – New Haven, Connecticut

The New London Police Department’s rejection of Robert Jordan because he scored too high on an intelligence test did not violate his rights, according to a United States District Judge.

The city’s rationale for the long-standing practice is that the candidates who score too high could soon get bored with police work and quit after undergoing costly academy training.

The judge said there is no evidence that a high score is in any way related to job satisfaction, performance or turnover.  But he said; “The question is not whether a rational basis has been shown for the policy chosen by defendants.  Plaintiff may have been disqualified unwisely, but he was not denied protection.”

In 1996, Robert Jordan scored a 33, the equivalent of an IQ of 125.  Nationally the average score for public officers, as well as office workers, bank tellers and sales persons, is 21 to 22, the equivalent of an IQ of 104.

Police in New London, population 27,000, interviewed only those candidates who scored 20-23. City manager Richard Brown said that the hiring process will remain the same.  “There is nothing to come across my desk that would cause me to make a change,” he said.


One thought on “TOO SMART FOR POLICE

  1. Try getting a job…where you are obviously more qualified than the person(s) you will work under. You are a threat to their perceived job security. I needed 3 jobs to feed my family when I left the military. I had advanced degrees. Could not get hired. Then I left my education off my resume and got job offers immediately. Try getting a job when you have created a successful business and have been self-employed for years until some new laws put you out of business. The people hiring you will pee their pants at the thought of having a free thinker listening to their limited ability to operate outside a box. Nuff-said.

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